Product portfolio

These are the machines we produce according to your requirements. Multiple uses, high stability and accuracy are the key features of our products.

Gantry machining centres


This machining centre with FRF movable gantry can be found in more than 20 countries. Customers prefer this machine mainly because of its robust structure, high throughput in a small installation area and high performance. Its high productivity has been demonstrated with more than 120 customers.

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A basic feature of the FRU machining centre is the travel gantry that allows full utilisation of the work space. It is designed for machining complex workpieces. Its flexibility mainly results from the possibility of using versatile spindle heads produced by TOS Kuřim.

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The FRP gantry centre is designed for standard or high-speed machining of large and very complex workpieces. It consists of a bed on which the table is shifted and a fixed gantry with a movable cross-rail. Customers can choose between a linear and hydrostatic guideway.

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