Vertical lathes

These are the machines we produce according to your requirements. Multiple uses, high stability and accuracy are the key features of our products.

The design of ČKD SKJ single-column vertical lathe is particularly suitable for machining very large pieces. The maximum workpiece size is up to 16 m in diameter. Even at these dimensions, SKJ maintains its accuracy and productivity.


The main parts of the machine are castings. Together with robust tables, they provide high cutting performance and high precision. The single-column design of the vertical lathe is used by the customers for a wide range of operations, including in the ship-building, arms and energy industries.

Basic parameters ČKD SKJ

  SKJ 63-100 SKJ 80-160
turning table diameter [mm] 6 300 8 000
max. turning diameter [mm] 10 000 16 000
max. turning height [mm] 3 000 6 300
Z axis travel of ram [mm] 2 000 3 200
cross–rail stroke [mm] 2 050 5 000
max. work–piece weight [kg] 150 000 320 000
max. turning table speed [rpm] 35 25
ram cross–section [mm] 340 × 340 450 × 450
cutting force [kN] 100 125